Employment Assistance Fund

Employment Assistance Fund

Amount: not listed
Closing Date: ongoing
Funding Provider: Australian Government
Purpose: assists people with disabilities and mental health conditions to buy work related modifications and services.

Available to people with disability who are about to start a job or who are currently working, as well as people who need help to find and prepare for a job. It is also available to people with disability who are self-employed, and jobseekers who need Auslan assistance, or special work equipment to look for and prepare for a job.

Work related modifications and services include:

  • the cost of modifications to the physical work environment
  • modifications to work vehicles
  • special equipment for the workplace
  • information and communication devices
  • Auslan interpreting
  • specialist services for employees with specific learning disorders and mental health conditions
  • disability awareness training
  • deafness awareness training
  • mental health first aid training.

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